Thursday, February 04, 2010

When Robin Speaks, People Listen

Remember that old TV commercial where a brokerage company was promoting itself saying, "when [our company] speaks, people listen..."

Well, I've got a great listen for you.  Our western regional field organizer Robin Stephenson was featured in the February edition of Breadcast.

Robin was joined by fellow organzer LaVida Davis, who is based in Chicago, in telling us how activists in their regions are mobilizing to end hunger.

(O.K, Robin, you made me blush in a bright intense red. She mentions me a couple of times).

Says LaVida:
It’s about people power. It’s about the work of everyday folks.

LaVida mentioned a couple of people for whom I have great respect
  • Derick Dailey, an impressive young man who has done a great job organizing at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo.  Derick, Rebecca Van Der Muelen and I had the privilege of offering reflections at the 2009 National Gathering in Washington around the theme of our 35th anniversary: Rejoice (me), Hope (Derick) and Act (Rebecca).  Derick was featured in a previous Breadcast.
  • Cindy Changyit Levin, a fellow anti-hunger and anti-poverty blogger and an activist extraordinaire in the Chicago area
The Breadcast also includes an update from Monica Mills, Bread’s director of government relations, about the progress of foreign aid reform on Capitol Hill, and Joy Ike, a Nigerian-born singer-songwriter, gives us music for the journey with her smooth jazz sounds

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