Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent is an Oasis

Reprinted from the Immaculate Conception Church Bulletin
By Father Rafael Garcia, S.J.

What has changed during Advent?  I hope that you are finding some time for prayer, reflection, remembering that “Jesus is the reason for the season”!

One suggestion that I once heard which appears to be great for families that are typically “on the go” is the following:  Set aside a evening(s) during the week when all the family can be present.  Have dinner together; have some time for prayer together (more than just saying grace).

You could read the Gospel for that day or for the previous or for the following Sunday and then make comments on what you find is the message for you.  Talk about Advent.   Then, play a table game together, preferably non-electronic, where you are all interacting.  Thus, eat together, pray together, play together.  Definitely, No T.V. during any of this time!

This seems to be a good “oasis” in our fast-paced, fast-food, electronic dominated, individualistic, secular culture.  There are many good things in our culture, undoubtedly, for example it’s efficiency and the many alternatives available to us, but our spiritual life pays a price for this.

Make Advent different than “ordinary time”.  Slow down to encounter Jesus at Christmas.

Christ's Peace.

The author is pastor at Immaculate Conception Church in Albuquerque

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