Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scenes from 2009 Offering of Letters Workshops

Peace Lutheran Church, Las Cruces
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Regional organizers Robin Stephenson and Meredith Story Willams chat with Las Cruces coordinator LaVerne Kaufman

Rebecca Wiggins
, speaker

LaVerne Kaufman chats with Ray Willem;

Becca Winship and Katie Smoker

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque

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Anna Creamer
, Kyra Ellis-Moore and Ester Schneider read script about letter-writing

Speaker Maria Franco-Tapia (Heifer) chats with Sharon Barefoot

Speaker Mark Peceny

Else Tasseron
, George Huggins

First Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe

See program

Robin Stephenson & Bro. Jim Brown, FSC


Speaker Tom McDermott

Keith West-Harrison & Andre West-Harrison, speakers from CARE Action Network

Susan Duncan
chats with Carlos Navarro

To see more photos from our three workshops visit our album on Photobucket

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