Saturday, November 03, 2007

Holiday Greetings and Justice

This may seem like an advertisement for greeting cards, and perhaps it is.

And November has just begun, and here I am talking about Christmas greetings...

But it's not too early to consider this question: Is sending cards an obligatory task of the season?

Or can we use the occasion of "staying in touch" to really get into the spirit of the season?

Simplicity is a good value for Advent and Christmas. And so is justice. And so is finding a connection with others with whom we share this planet.

If you decide to send Christmas, Advent or holiday cards by snail mail (and not e-mail) this season, consider this great card displayed above and other cards from Bread for the World.

Cards with Art from Brazilian Orphanage

Here in Albuquerque, Juliana Vander Voort is selling cards that feature art from children in an orphanage near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These cards should be available at the end of November or beginning of December.

Here's Juliana's description of how she came in contact with the children at the orphanage:
"About 4 years ago I volunteered in an orphanage outside of Rio de Janeiro... called Casa do Caminho. the current volunteers have printed christmas cards from the children's art work, and are selling them to raise awarness about the orphanage and programs going on there. I am committed to selling 100 boxes this year for their benefit, and I was hoping that you could help me reach my goal by purchasing a box ($14 for 10 cards)."

If you would like to purchase a box of cards, send an
e-mail note to Juliana.

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Tonnellotto said...

Hi !!
Nice blog page, this one.
I'm an Italian student who would like to take advantage of this blog page in order to contact some UNM students for mailing and friendship.
I'm really interested in troubles concerning lack of water and water resources management.
Within a few months I gotta be an Environmental Engineering, and I'd be very glad to leave my homecountry and get a job elsewhere (maybe in the US !)...

Any chance for me to meet anyone ?

Thanks a lot.