Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nutrition & The Farm Bill

It's great to learn about the many different ways that various organizations are involved in promoting a more equitable and fair farm bill. The other day someone told me about an initiative promoted by the Farm Food and Policy Project
(FFPP) to support farmers markets, nutrition and conservation. These are all principles are supported by Bread for the World, the National Catholic Rural Life Conference and the Religious Working Group on The Farm Bill.

Anyway, here is the FFPP initiative. Scroll down to the bottom for a link to a site where you can take action.

Current farm and food policies create an unfair playing field – one that works at the expense of local markets, family farmers, and the environment.

By providing communities with access to affordable locally-grown food, the 2007 Farm Bill can:
  • Improve the freshness and nutritional quality of American meals
  • Encourage schools to provide our kids with healthy food choices
  • Create new opportunities for family farmers and local businesses
  • Ensure fair access to agriculture programs for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers
  • Expand farmers markets and community food projects, especially in underserved neighborhoods
  • Help combat diet-related disBeases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer
  • Protect the environment
Congress needs to hear from you. Click on this link and fill out the form that appears on the right.

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Anthony L. said...

Bread for the World: Thank you for letting people know about
which is an easy place to send on messages to Congress about the importance of local/fresh/healthy food. I am working hard on this and feel good about what I am doing. We don't need a fast food nation anymore!