Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Most Complete Fair Trade Catalog I've Ever Seen

When you make that decision to buy all or most of your holiday gifts from fair-trade sources, the first question is "Where do I turn?"

You'll be surprised how many options you have out there!  I found a fabulous list at the back of my 2010 Fair Trade Calendar, which I am offering to you via this blog.

I added four other links, including two Albuquerque-based sources.  (By the way, the illustration at left is from The Fair Trade Trunk, an event that Peacecraft from Albuquerque held to showcase fair-trade suppliers)

You can either be overwhelmed by this list or more likely, you'll be surprised  and pleased by how many choices you have.  Simply click on each source to enter their Web site.
A Fair World Designs
Recycled paper bead jewelry and handbags
Benefits women artisans in Uganda, South Africa, Burma, Thailand and Bhutan

Asante Network
Clothing, batiks, place mats and other crafts
Benefits women artisans in Tanzania and Uganda

Creative Women
Handwoven accessories and textiles
Benefits women artisans in Ethiopia, Swaziland and Afghanistan

Dunitz and Company
Glass seed bead jewelry, ranging from Victorian to ethnic.
Benefits women artisans in Guatemala.

Fair Trade Sports
Balls and sports apparel. (See blog post)
Benefits families in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka

Global Exchange Store
A wide range of fair trade products, crafts, music and books.
Benefits families in Latin America, Africa, Asia and even the U.S. (see list)

Global Fayre
Gourmet foods and traditionally crafted artisan products. Gift baskets available.
Benefits familes in Mexico, Nepal, Palestine, South Africa and many other countries around the world.

Global Goods Partners
Bags, jewelry, home decor and other gifts.
Benefits families in Africa, Asia and Latin America (see list).

HandCrafting Justice
Pottery, toys, bags and other gifts.
Benefits women in Africa, Asia and Latin America (see list).

Indego Africa
Handicrafts, textiles and other gifts.
Benefits women in Rwanda.

MacroSun International
Global jewelry, international fashions, gifts, exotic home decor, sacred arts
Benefits families in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Works closely Afghani, Burmese and Tibetan refugees.

Marigold Fair Trade Clothing
Clothing, fashions, accessories, housewares
Benefits women from slums of Mumbai, India.

Mayan Hands
Handcrafted textiles, handbags, clothing, baskets
Benefits artisan groups primarily in Guatemala

One World Flowers
Roses, mixed bouquets, lillies, carnations (see blog 1, blog 2)
Albuquerque-based company.
Benefits flower growers in Ecuador and Colombia.

Jewelry and accents
Benefits artisans in India, Thailand, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico.

Partners for Just Trade
Alpaca apparel, accessories, baby products (including organic!), jewelry, food items
Benefits artisans in Cameroon, Nicaragua and Peru

Albuquerque based fair-trade store offers a wide range of fair-trade products
Works with suppliers from 14 countries

Offers hundreds of crafts and foods.  A partner with Catholic Relief Services.
Benefits families Africa, Asia and Latin America (see list)

Swaziland Arts for Education
Offers handmade batiks and handicrafts.  Proceeds help fund education efforts in Swaziland (see blog)

Ten Thousand Villages
National network of fair trade stores. Shop online or find a retail location or alliance store near you.  Offers wide range of artisan-crafted jewelry, home decor, textiles and other products from Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. (see list)

Third World Shoppe/Friends of the Third World
Offers a  wide range of crafts and foods, inclding African carvings, Palestinian olivewood oil from 35 countries.

Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art
Fair trade store and cafe in Olympia, Wa.  Offers fair-trade shoes and footwear.

Two Hands Worldshop
Arts and handcrafts.
Benefits wide range of artists and cooperatives from around the world.  (See list)

Unity Fair Trade Marketplace
Home decor, crafts, music and much more from Latin America, Asia and Africa (See list)

Upavim Crafts
Arts and crafts
Benefits women artists in Guatemala

Women's Work
Baskets and ostrich eggshell jewelry.
Benefits women artists in Botsawana
Work of Human Hands
Catholic Relief Services offers opportunities to sell fair trade items in your parish.

World Finds
Jewelry, handbags, knitwear


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Avatar Imports is another fantastic retailer of fair trade clothing!