Friday, October 05, 2018

A Campaign to Bring Health Care to All New Mexicans

The local organizers of  the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign are recruiting congregations and people of faith to join the effort to bring health care to all New Mexicans. The campaign is promoting the The Health Security Act, which would enable New Mexico to set up its own health care plan.

 Established in 1992, the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign is a broad and growing coalition of over 145 statewide and local organizations representing diverse interests. Its members and supporters include consumer, labor, community, health professionals, human rights, faith-based, and environmental organizations; business owners; farmers and ranchers; and groups advocating for low-income New Mexicans and the homeless. The Campaign’s mission is to establish a system of guaranteed, comprehensive, and affordable health care coverage for all New Mexicans.

Become Involved
There are several ways to become involved in the campaign.
A Presentation: If your congregation is not already engaged in the effort, campaign volunteers can make a presentation to members of your faith community  In Albuquerque, contact Ester Griego ( 505 463-5343  to arrange for a volunteer to speak to your congregation. Outside of Albuquerque, contact Dana Millen 505 856-8359 or Mary Feldblum 505.897.1803.

Advocate in the State Legislature: As an individual, you are asked to contact your state representatives and senators during the 2019 Legislative Session urging him/her to support the Health Security Act.  (You can also contact them before the session to put the issue on their radar). Find My Legislator

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Find out about the Campaign and the Health Security Plan.

Details of the Campaign
The Health Security Plan will:
  • automatically cover most New Mexicans
  • offer a comprehensive set of health care services no less than what is currently offered to state employees
  • provide freedom of choice of health care provider and facility (no networks), even across state lines
  • -simplify administration, since providers will be dealing mostly with just one plan
How will it work?
  • The Plan will be administered by a geographically representative citizens’ commission of consumers, business owners, and health care providers. The commission’s meetings will be open to the public, and its finances will be subject to public scrutiny.
  • The Plan will be paid for by using existing public dollars, along with employer contributions and premiums based on income (both with caps).
  • The Plan will provide comprehensive primary coverage, but individuals and employers may purchase supplemental private insurance policies if they wish to.

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