Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Learn How Silver Horizons Serves Seniors in the Albuquerque Area

Most of the seniors we assist live on less than $900 per month. Our mission is to see low income seniors living safe and secure, in their own homes, with enough food to eat.  -Silver Horizons
The flyer advertising free groceries for seniors is displayed on the bulletin board at the Palo Duro and Highland Senior Centers, the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center and other similar facilities throughout the Albuquerque metro area. These are ideal sites for the organization Silver Horizons to distribute food boxes to low-income seniors who need food.

"Silver Horizons takes food to where seniors live, or at least to areas where the seniors are able to access services," the organization says on its website. "Our community is stronger and healthier when seniors and their grandchildren have enough food to eat."

 As Silver Horizons points out, "It is difficult to succeed in school, or life in general, when people are hungry, or having to make choices between basic life expenses, school supplies, medications, and food. Typically, other expenses win when competing with food."

The organization has developed a strong track record of providing food, particularly in recent years. "Three years ago, we had one food pantry serving about 70 people. Today, we have over 20 monthly Senior Food Markets serving almost 3,500 seniors and nearly 1,200 grandchildren," said the organization.

In addition to direct distribution of food, Silver Horizons,  offers help with utilities, home repairs and other services. To learn more about the work of this valuable community organization, please join us at the bimonthly meeting of the Interfaith Hunger Coalition.

Bimonthy Meeting 

Tuesday, September 18
12:00 Noon
First Presbyterian Church  
-Education Building 
(I-25 and Martin Luther King Blvd)

 Ron Hidalgo, executive director of Silver Horizons, is the featured speaker. 

We will also hear a brief presentation from Rev. Janet Norden about Community of Hope, a United Methodist congregation, which offers a meal to a broad community, including many homeless individuals, on Sunday afternoons. Community of Hope is in the process of becoming an endorsing congregation of the IHC.

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