Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Prayer and a Chance to Help Hurricane Victims

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With Texas still reeling from Hurricane Harvey, and Florida bracing for Hurricane Irma, we pray for those affected by these powerful and dangerous storms—both here and also throughout the Caribbean, where Irma left behind death and destruction. While Haiti and the Dominican Republic were spared a direct hit as the storm passed north of Hispaniola, Catholic Relief Services and our Caritas partners in St. Lucia and Grenada are supporting evacuations ahead of Hurricane José, a Category 4 storm expected to barrel across those same islands. Meanwhile, our teams in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are mounting a relief effort for affected communities, ready to distribute tarps for temporary shelter and other necessities.
We ask for your prayers for our brothers and sisters internationally and here at home, knowing the power of these destructive storms, but also the power and grace of our Creator.

Make Us Shelter, Make Us Strength

A prayer for all those in the path of Hurricane Irma

Photo by  Infrogmation,Wikimedia Commons
Lord of Heaven and Earth, of sea and sky,
We look upon sisters and brothers
In the paths of storms
Beset by rising waters and violent winds.
In such times, we turn to you.
You are our shelter, you are our strength.
You are our comfort and protection.

Make us these things for our brothers and sisters.
Make us shelter, make us strength.
Make us comfort and protection.
We are your children, your image and likeness.
Make us more like you, God of all goodness. And so, let waters recede, to be replaced by a rising tide of compassion,
Let winds dissipate to be replaced by the roar of justice,
That all might know your mercy
And find safety and hope in the midst of storms.
(Download this prayer in PDF)

Donations to CRS’ relief efforts will help provide tarps, hygiene and kitchen kits, and education campaigns to help residents avoid the waterborne and respiratory diseases that often occur in the aftermath of hurricanes.

Other  Places to Donate
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
Lutheran World Relief (Assistance for Haiti)
Church World Service Emergency Cleanup Buckets for Harvey & Irma  Assemble  Drop Off
Charity Navigator (Agencies helping victims of Harvey)
 The American Red Cross is working with dozens of disaster partners to support feeding, child care, disaster assessment and other disaster services. Some of the partners we are coordinating with include Americorps NCCC, Church of the Brethren Children’s Disaster Services, Save the Children, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Islamic Relief USA.”

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