Monday, July 03, 2017

What the Tweets are Telling us About #Hunger on July 3

"[The Global Goals for Sustainable Development]...demand a constant acknowledgment that the right of every person to be free of poverty and hunger depends on the duty of the entire human family to provide practical assistance to those in need.”  -Pope Francis, in a message  to the 40th general conference of the FAO on July 3
A search for #hunger on Twitter on July 3 yielded hundreds of results just for that Monday. I have strung together a few of those tweets to tell a story of sorts. We start with Rep. Jim McGovern's tweet about a piece by Rep. Joe Kennedy in Time magazine, followed by a feature on Miss Alabama's commitment to address hunger, a reminder that hunger is not as much an issue of charity as one of  justice and still another reminder that our culture of abundance in the U.S. encourages food waste. We then post an account of how South Sudan is technically no longer suffering from famine (but millions are still hungry), a piece on the middle income countries that are well placed to lead global efforts to reduce hunger, and Pope Francis' address to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome on July 3,

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