Saturday, July 15, 2017

Enjoy Pupusas in #ABQ and Help a Youth Project in El Salvador

All we want are these masa-heavy treats smothered in the red salsa and pickiled cabbage.” Review on Yelp
Best place to get homemade pupusas I've been conning here since 5 years ago:) they are freaking awesome I would tell everyone to go give this place a try if you never gone.  Review on Facebook
The man waiting on us, I believe he is the owner, was very nice and helpful. We had never eaten Salvadoran food before so had some questions. We ordered a variety of pupusas. When our drink order came he brought us a special drink to try, he said it was made of marañon but couldn't explain what that was in English. A bit later he comes with his iPad and shows us a picture explaining what marañon is, it's the fruit that the cashew grows out of. I never knew cashews grew like that! All in all it was a great experience, the food was delicious and the man who waited on us was great! i will definitely be back for some more pupusas!  Review on Zomato
A pupusa is a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling, typically accompanied by curtido spicy coleslaw. According to the online site Recetas Salvadoreñas, the traditional recipe called for a filling of cheese and beans. Over the years, the recipe evolved to include other fillings like chicharrón, pork, chicken, green chiles and loroco (an edible flower found in El Salvador and Guatemala).

At Pupuseria y Restaurant Salvadoreño in Albuquerque, there is a wide choice of pupusa fillings. In addition to cheese, chicharrón, loroco and green chile, diners are given the choice of salami, pepperoni, calabacitas (squash), ground beef, ham and cheese, chicken, spinach, fish and other ingredients. 

Fundraiser for Safe House for Students in El Salvador
On Monday, July 17, you have the opportunity to sample some of the pupusa options and help the  Friends of the Children of El Salvador (FOCES) raise funds to furnish a new safe house residence for scholarship students attending college in San Salvador. The students come from poor families and need a place to stay while completing their studies in San Salvador.  Here is more information.

 FOCES provides provides financial support and encouragement to APRODENHI, the San Salvador-based Association for the Promotion of the Human Rights of the Children of El Salvador.

Monday's fundraiser will be held at Pupuseria y Restaurant Salvadoreño, 1701 Bridge SW (corner of Bridge and Goff).  See map  Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. There will be two seatings for the fundraiser: one at 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Or if you prefer, you can get your food to go (but you will miss fellowship with fellow supporters of FOCES and APROHENI and the music of Gabriel Fuentes).

Please let Donna Bruzzeze  ( know if you plan to purchase your tickets at the door and whether you will be coming to the 5:30 or the 6:30 seating. FOCES has also set up a Go Fund Me page if you would like to donate to the project directly.

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