Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Mexicans Urge Senators to Preserve Funding for Foreign Aid

Sen. Udall's aide takes petitions, letters from Kristina Sowar
Through June 28, U2 and Bono had performed at 18 venues as part of the group's Joshua Tree Tour 2017. And everywhere that U2 performed, ONE volunteers were out in force to gather signatures urging the U.S. Senate to save funding for foreign aid programs. People from all 50 states added their signatures to petitions and wrote letters requesting that their senators help preserve "the American legacy to helping those around the world who are in need."

While organizers could have waited until after the last concert to send the request to senators, there was urgency to send the message as soon as possible in order to have an impact on the appropriations process.

Petitions brought to Sen. Heinrich's office
Hundreds of ONE supporters in New Mexico made this request to Sen. Tom Udall and Sen. Martin Heinrich. "President Trump's dangerous budget proposal, which included cuts of nearly 1/3 to foreign aid, would jeopardize progress that America has made in the fight against poverty and disease," said a letter to our two senators and 48 other members of the U.S. Senate.

According to the letter, the reductions proposed in the Trump budget would also cut food aid to those suffering from famine, turn girls away from school, and leave children without critical medication for treatable diseases.

"Foreign aid is not only an essential part of America's legacy, but also a wise security and economic decision," the letter added. 

Sen. Udall is especially important because of his membership in the Senate Appropriations and Foreign Relations committees. Here is a letter that ONE supporters Kristina Sowar and Carlos Navarro brought to Sen. Udall's office on June 26, along with more than 740 signatures from New Mexicans who attended recent U2 concerts in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and other venues.  Below the letter to Sen. Udall is a letter that a ONE supporter wrote to Sen. Heinrich.

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