Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hundreds Participate in People's Climate March in Albuquerque

Rain fell during the opening prayers... and began to taper off during some of the presentations. Sure, it was a tiny bit of an inconvenience. However, we were reminded by some of our speakers of that very important truth (especially for us in New Mexico) that water is life.  Hundreds of people participated in this walk to save Mother Earth and protest the policies of the new federal administration and the current state government.

We were here to protest efforts by the big energy interests to exploit Big Mountain, Standing Rock and Chaco Canyon. The fight continues to prevent fracking in the Dine/Navajo lands near Chcaco Canyon. A handful of speakers spoke about their participation participated in the actions at Standing Rock.

And the Marchers Chanted...

Two Four Six Eight / Why don’t we appreciate / Mother Earth, Mother Earth / Climate Justice Now

You can run but you can’t hide, Solar energy is bonafide

Sol not Coal

Hey Hey Ho Ho Dirty Coal Has Got to Go

People shout from miles around, keep dirty coal, in the ground

Hey Susana be a leader, let’s make New Mexico energy cleaner

No nukes, no coal; solar is the way to go

Clean Energy - Green Jobs

Messages of Hope and Action (for Us and for Our Children)

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