Friday, January 06, 2017

Activist Chef, First Lady Urge You to Participate in 'New' Campaign to End Hunger in America by 2030

Remember the documentary A Place at the Table, which was the centerpiece of Bread for the World's 2013 Offering of Letters?  The documentary was shown in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Silver City and many other places around the country to bring attention to the prevalence of hunger in America.

A Place At The Table  is more than a documentary.  It is a movement that has remained active since the documentary made its debut in 2013. The folks behind A Place at the Table have joined with anti-hunger activist Chef Tom Colicchio, First Lady Michelle Obama and others to promote a new effort to address an old problem.  Through the #FoodIsFuel campaign, organizers hope to rally all our country to become involved in the goal of ending hunger in our country by 2030. The campaign centers on ending child hunger, but we all know that to the goal is much broader. We have to end hunger among all families.

Here is a video from the campaign, followed by text borrowed from the original Food is Fuel website. 

Food fuels human potential. But 42 million Americans, many from working families, don’t get the food they need to thrive, here in the wealthiest nation on earth.

The problem: This costs our nation billions in preventable health care costs. It undermines our national security. It compromises our productivity and global competitiveness. It compromises our children’s ability to learn and thrive.

America can’t be great on an empty stomach.

Our leaders will only act if they hear from you. We have to put pressure on the political system to create change, and that’s where you come in. While charity and good deeds in your community do make a difference, national programs like SNAP (Food Stamps) reach far more people. In fact, charitable food programs provide only 10% of the meals that SNAP does. This problem is simply too big to fix without nationwide programs that are proven to lift people out of hunger.

By combining smart policy with collaboration with industry and communities, our leaders can end hunger once and for all and fuel the potential of every American. But they won’t act unless they know it’s a priority to us.

You can be Part of the Solution by Signing Up for the Campaign  (The spaces to sign up are right below the video on this site).

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