Thursday, December 01, 2016

Advent: God Presence from Beneath, from Within

Be watchful, for the Beloved
is coming at an unexpected hour.
—Matthew 24.44

It's dark. There is reason to worry.
It's so easy to assume
God is coming later, elsewhere.
But God comes in the desert of your despair,
in the midnight of your hopelessness.
Practice imaging that God is coming,
that God comes into this life,
not from high above, so far off,
but from beneath, from within,
infinitely within, like gravity.
Imagine this day, this moment,
even in its darkness, is shot with light.
This is the moment of God's arrival. This.
Stay in this moment, ready.
Come, O Savior, come.

-Steve Garnaas Holmes
Author of Unfolding Light blog

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