Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Mazon to Bring Hunger Exhibit to 16 Cities Around the Country

The faces of hunger in America are both familiar and hidden from view, yet they are all too real and far too many. -Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger
"This is Hunger," a community engagement program developed by Mazon, will illuminate the very real and preventable existence of hunger in America, encourage us to raise our voices on behalf of the 42.2 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day, and ignite our community’s commitment to end hunger once and for all.

The centerpiece of the interactive program is an exhibit that will travel to 16 cities around the country, starting in Los Angeles on November 16, 2016, and ending in San Francisco on July 31, 2017.   See full schedule

"This Is Hunger" is high-impact, experiential installation on wheels—literally, it’s a big rig. When the 53-foot-long double expandable trailer is parked and open on both sides, it provides nearly 1,000 square feet of interior space to take participants on a two-part journey: to understand the stark reality of hunger in America and to take action to end hunger once and for all.  Reserve tickets here

This Is Hunger from MAZON on Vimeo.

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