Sunday, October 09, 2016

Heath Rada: Advocacy and Prayer Can Help Us End Hunger

Our denomination has always been known as a body that has been involved in social action, in dealing with issues of compassion and of justice. Hunger is an enormous part of that. The Presbyterian Church has been historically worked in developing programs that not only directly feed people, but in advocacy...As citizens of this country, have a right and responsibility to ask every single candidate to take seriously the responsibility of the hungry, and have them include in their platforms what they would do help us address that...Corporate prayer, where we together ask God to help us make a difference, can sometimes help change our priorities and understanding. When we do that, we're able to make a difference.
Bread for the World asked several prominent voices in the Christian community to share their vision of what it means to end hunger. This reflection comes from Heath Rada, Moderator of the 221st General Assembly, Presbyterian Church (USA). As an active church member, Dr. Rada has served in numerous capacities on the local, presbytery and national levels of the Presbyterian Church. He is a published author, a noted speaker, and has been honored numerous times for his contributions to his work and his community. As moderator, he leads more than 1.7 million members in more than 10,000 congregations and worshiping communities in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

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