Monday, October 17, 2016

Faith Community Commemorates World Food Day in Albuquerque

Illustration by Brittany Sedillo
Open our hands that all may be fed;
Open our hearts that all may find refuge;
Open our eyes that all may see
The oneness of Earth's family
Economic justice, immigration/refugees and climate change were the three central themes of our World Food Day commemoration in Albuquerque on Sunday, October 16. The three issues were reflected in the title of our celebration, "One Earth, One Home, One Table," and in the song that David Poole, the talented director at La Mesa Presbyterian Church, wrote for the occasion. In this video, David Poole teaches the song to the more than 150 people who attended the celebration.  

The song also guided the steps of the participants as we moved into the sanctuary at First Unitarian Church, led by Keri Sutter and other members of the sacred dance company Surgite as well as a group of volunteer liturgical dancers. The liturgical dance team also led the congregation after some of the prayers in the sanctuary.

World Food Day 2016 happened to coincide with the beginning of the Jewish feast of Sukkot. which celebrates the harvest.  Rabbi Min Kantrowitz started us outside with a Sukkot prayer and a poem.

(The outside portion of our service also included a Lakota prayer and a reflection and song from Michael Abeita from Isleta Pueblo. We will post that later, along with other videos from other faith groups who participated during the portion of the service in the sanctuary).

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