Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rev. Jim Wallis: We Can End Hunger and Poverty by 2030

"I'm very encouraged by all the energy and movement that I'm seeing, particularly in the new generation, around hunger, around human trafficking, around immigration, around criminal justice (they need to fix a broken system), around changing, reforming our educational system.   This is all the same movement. These can't be seen as competitive campaigns. Somehow there's a movement here that sees that our lives all make a difference when they change the lives of other people.  What does it mean to care about the common good?...That is the kind of conversion that we need."
Bread for the World asked several prominent voices in the Christian community to share their vision of what it means to end hunger. This reflection comes from Rev. Jim Wallis, president and founder of  Sojourners and author of 12 books. Rev. Wallis also helped found The Circle of Protection, along with Rev. David Beckmann and Ambassador Tony Hall, in response to a move in Congress in late 2010 to cut funding for nutrition programs that are vital to low-income families.  

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