Friday, July 01, 2016

A Tribute to Sister Genevieve Ryskiewicz, Founder of St. Felix Pantry

Sister Genevieve was a trained chef. She actually went to culinary arts school. And more important than going out and just filling a trunk full of food, it was more important for her to provide healthy choices, healthy food rather a lot of junk food that was easy to rescue. At St. Felix we're not just interested in providing food, we're interested in providing healthy choices. -Manuel Casias, vice president for development, St. Felix Pantry
The Felician Sisters are known throughout the Albuquerque area for their generosity. Led by Sister Genevieve Ryskiewicz, the Felician community has been providing healthy food for individuals and families in need in Rio Rancho and nearby areas of Albuquerque since 1992 through St. Felix Pantry. The staff at St. Felix had planned to offer a special tribute for Sister Genevieve on May 19, but she passed away on May 13 at the age of 92. Sister Genevieve is remembered in many other ways, including this great interview with Rev. Jack Bunting (president and CEO) and Manuel Casias (vice president for development) on the Catholic Charities weekly show Dignity in the Community, which aired on Monday, June 27, on KAZQ, Channel 32, in the Albuquerque area. (Incidentally, the Felician community also believed in addressing hunger via advocacy and supported Bread for the World).

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