Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vote to End Hunger: Nuns on the Bus to Bring Message of Equal Access, Inclusion to Republican, Democratic National Conventions

The election season is upon us, and you now what that means. The Nuns on the Bus campaign is back in full force, with a tour planned in the Midwest and Northeast. This year campaign focuses on NETWORK's vision for 2020, entitled Mend the Gaps. The  seeks more equal policies on issues like taxes, income, women and families, voting and democracy. health care. immigration. and housing.

"In an election year, it is crucial that this message be heard and heeded because we know that when people at the economic margins do better, we all do better. We will bring the bus to both the Republican and Democratic Conventions where we will educate people on the gaps that we are experiencing in our society and NETWORK’s proactive policy strategy that can bridge those divides," said the Catholic Social Justice Lobby."

"Our goal is to bring a politics of inclusion to divided places, change the conversation to mending the vast economic and social divides in our country, and counter political incivility with our message of inclusion," added NETWORK.

The tour begins on July 11 in Madison, Wisconsin, and then moves to Janesville, Wisconsin (the home of House Speaker Paul Ryan) the next day. The bus will then roll through various sites in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The bus will be in Cleveland for the Republican Party's National Convention (July 17-19) and in Philadelphia for Democratic Party's National Convention (July 26-29). There will be opportunities for residents in each of the communities visited by the bus to interact with Sister Simone Campbell and others who are taking part in the tour.  See full schedule

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