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Changing the World 101

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If a college or seminary class is designated the number 101, that means you are beginning your course work with the basics. You might find Biology 101, History 101, Humanities 101 and New Testament 101 in the college or university's course catalog.

How about Changing the World 101: Ending Hunger as a Case Study for Systems Change?  This is a course that the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis will be offering in the Fall Semester of 2016. 

The course follows up on a forum that CTS and Bread for the World sponsored in Indianapolis in April of this year.

Here is a description:
Bringing real change to the world means changing its systems—and Christian Theological Seminary and Bread for the World are joining forces to present this course on changing the systems that impact hunger. The end of hunger is within our grasp! In this course we’ll explore the key skills and best practices involved in making systems change, along with the biblical and theological perspectives through which Christians can best help lead systems change in the twenty-first century.

The course can be taken for  credit or non-credit.

Those attending the non-credit option have only two class days: September 10, and September 17 (both Saturdays).

Those taking the class for credit will attend the September dates, as well as November 5, and November 12.

The facilitators for the class are Bread for the World board members Dr. Matthew Boulton and Dave Miner. Dr. Boulton, president of the CTS, is a professor of theology at the seminary. Miner, a grassroots activist in Indianapolis, served as chair of the Bread board for many years. Students will also hear from other experts who will address such topic as theology, hunger, and systems change.

Class Content
  • God’s provision of abundance for all
  • Root causes, prevalence and impact of hunger
  • Current progress toward ending hunger
  • Local, national, and international systems impacting poverty and hunger Theology of Christian advocacy
  • Models and practical approaches to advocacy
  • Related issues vital to ending hunger: economic opportunity, climate change, immigration, mass incarceration, etc.
Each participant will lead a hunger advocacy project with support from an experienced hunger activist.

Contacts: Mike Hastings 317-496-8028 m484@aol.com
Dave Miner 317-691-7438 dminer145@aol.com

Scholarships are available.

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