Tuesday, April 26, 2016


“It’s as American as apple pie. It’s an attaboy. When you give someone a fist bump, you’re telling them, Let’s go do this.” Scott Williams, Christian pastor, social-media strategist and self-appointed world ambassador for the fist bump.  Read more in The New York Times.
Image adapted from Wikimedia Commons photograph
The hashtag #hungerfistbump has appeared in many tweets from Church World Service as well as in CWS retweets of posts by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC),  The Food Recovery Network and the Christian Theological Seminary to celebrate some sort of success related to addressing hunger.

Angela Ruprock-Shafer, who handled social media at CWS for many years, believes she might have been the first person to use the hashtag. Then again, maybe someone else used it before she did. "Surely others were using it before then," she said. Regardless, it's here to stay.

I mainly use Twitter to send out links to posts on my Bread New Mexico blog. And in hindsight, there are many tweets where #hungerfistbump would apply.

Like this one
Or this one

And this one too.
Anyway, here are those early examples of #HungerFistBump

We hope to have many more #hungerfistbumps to show that were are making progress in addressing domestic and global hunger and poverty

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