Friday, February 05, 2016

Learn About Roadrunner Food Bank's Program to Link Health and Hunger


Quarterly Meeting on Tuesday, February 9  12 Noon

First Presbyterian Church (I-25 and Martin Luther King Blvd.)

Alissa Barnes, director of Community Initiatives at Roadrunner Food Bank, will talk about the food bank's new program on health and hunger.  Alissa is a member of the Interfaith Hunger Coalition's Advocacy Committee.

Our Education and Advocacy Committees will also present updates of their work over the past several weeks.  We are also seeking volunteers to serve on a committee to plan an Interfaith Service for World Food Day on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Data shows us that food insecurity and health go hand in hand. Food-insecure individuals are more likely to experience colds, stomach aches and migraines and suffer from generally poorer health than food secure individuals. In 2014, Feeding America conducted the Hunger in America study and found some staggering statistics  about New Mexico’s pantry clients:

  • Nearly half (46%) report being in poor or fair health;
  • 59% report choosing between paying for medicine or medical care or buying food at least once in the past 12 months;
  • 44% of hungry households said they have medical bills to pay, and;
  • 75% report purchasing inexpensive, unhealthy food as the most common way to have at least some food at home to eat.
As a food bank , we are focused on addressing Health and Wellness and leading in the national trend of food banks partnering with health organizations. We were pleased to share some of our Health and Wellness Initiatives with the Beyond Flexner Conference.  The conference brought a group of medical students, educators, and physicians together  to discuss social determinants of health.

Working Together for a Healthy and Well Nourished New Mexico

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