Friday, February 19, 2016

A Dancing Prayer for the Second Friday in Lent

Who says our prayers during the Lenten season have to be solemn? What is important is that we find a way to open up to the Creator. So, in that spirit I share a couple of "dancing" prayers on this second Friday in Lent.

Dancers Prayer
(From Living Prayers)

Lord God,
With every movement I make
I long to be close to you.
May I leap with your joy,
May I stretch with your passion,
May I balance with your strength.
I give you my dance, as a prayer,
As praise,
And as a testimony.

May my dancing tell of you love
And always point the way to you.

"This delightful dance repeated around the globe will bring a smile to your lips and warm your heart." 

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Joan Brown said...

Love this...thanks for the wonderful message this day. Joan