Monday, January 11, 2016

So Many Restaurants... (Albuquerque Edition)

Every Friday, The Albuquerque Journal's arts and entertainment section publishes two restaurant reviews: one in Albuquerque and another in Santa Fe. The reviews reflect the wide variety of cuisines available in the Duke City and in the City Different. Many of these restaurants along with a couple of food-service companies (32 in Albuquerque and 29 in Santa Fe) are giving back to the community by participating in the annual Souper Bowl event that helps raise funds for the Food Depot and Roadrunner Food Bank. Both events will take place on Saturday, January 30, a week before the National Football League's Super Bowl 50. Read about hunger in Northern New Mexico and around the state.  Hunger is more than just statistics. Here are some people stories from Roadrunner Food Bank.

This post features the Roadrunner Food Bank fundraiser, which will take place at the food bank's facility,

How many of these restaurants below have you patronized? Raise your hands if you have dined at all 32 of these fine establishments? How about half of them? One quarter? Never mind. You have a chance to sample the fare of any or all of these restaurants on the last Saturday of January.  Scroll down for more details....

Yes, it's RoadRunner Food Bank's 2016 Souper Bowl.The annual event helps raise funds for our local food bank, which covers a large area of central and southern New Mexico.

If you've been to the event before, you know the drill.  Here is the information on how to get tickets.  Bon Appetit!

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