Friday, December 18, 2015

Fresh Produce Initiative Serves 33 Counties in New Mexico

For 15 years, the state of New Mexico has partnered with the New Mexico Association of Food Banks (NMAFB) on the Fresh Produce Initiative.  Here is more information on the scope and impact of this program. Thanks to Kathy Komoll, executive director of the NMAFB, for providing the images and the information below.
  • The funding allows food banks to distribute fresh produce to all 33 counties, over 500 local service partners, and 70,000 New Mexicans every week. 
  • The food banks belonging to the New Mexico Association of Food Banks distributed 9.7 million pounds of produce in FY 2015 or 271 semi-truck trailers. That is up from 4 million pounds in FY 2008. The network accomplished this increase by expanding its collaborative network and heightening its food rescue efforts across the state. 
  • The cost last year was $0.07 per pound (not including labor and services provided by our member food banks) versus the retail comparable of $0.23 to $2.39 per pound. "At this time, no other organization in New Mexico could match our ability to acquire and distribute produce in the same way," said Komoll.
  • Of the people that are served, between 30-40% are children under the age of 18, and 21% are seniors over the age of 60. 
  • Those who suffer from hunger are 2.9 times more likely to experience poor health. Fresh produce provides needed nutrition to those who may be struggling with chronic health issues related to poor nutrition. 
  • The NMAFB continues to work to ensure that every agency in its network that chooses to distribute fresh produce has access to fresh, healthy food. For more information, contact NMAFB Executive Director Kathy Komoll at or call 505-217-1066

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