Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vote to End Hunger Campaign Launched

Vote to End Hunger (VTEH), a broad coalition of individuals and organizations all committed to ending hunger in the U.S. and around the world by 2030, officially launched its campaign on Tuesday, October 13. "We believe that it will take the combined public and political will to do this by 2030 and are working together to elevate the issue of hunger with candidates during the 2016 election cycle," said the coalition.

The goal to end hunger by 2030 is compatible with Target 1 (No Poverty) and Target 2 (Zero Hunger) of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a commitment that world leaders made through the U.N. earlier this month.

Here are more specifics for VTEH
Use the 2016 election process to make hunger, poverty and opportunity a higher political priority, so that the next President and Congress take action that will put our nation and the world on track to end hunger by 2030.

End hunger in the United States and around the world by 2030.

  1. Ending hunger in the United States and worldwide by 2030 is possible;
  2. Ending hunger requires strong commitment and leadership from the U.S. government;
  3. Ending hunger means fulfilling the right to food by ensuring all people at all times are able to access enough food for an active, healthy life;
  4. Ending hunger is the shared responsibility of individuals, communities, the private sector, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and government;
  5. Ending hunger is not a partisan issue;
  6. Ending hunger requires both a strong safety net and policies that expand opportunity and reduce poverty;
  7. The 2016 election provides an exceptional opportunity to make ending hunger, poverty and opportunity a higher political priority;
  8. Therefore, we plan to work together to engage voters and candidates around the goal of ending hunger by 2030.
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