Sunday, October 04, 2015

Dorothy Day: 'A Model for All Catholics'

From National Catholic Reporter

During his address to the US Congress on Sept. 24, Pope Francis cited Dorothy Day as a model for all Catholics. Who was this remarkable woman, who brought community to so many in need?  

Dorothy Day asks us: Isn’t this love the sacred center we seek in prayer, celebrate in the Eucharist, try to express in community outreach to those in need? If we are hospitable, will we not make everyone feel welcome, especially the stranger and even our enemies? If we have differences, can we not simply talk to one another? Don’t we all hunger for respect within the community and for meaningful, purposeful lives? If we expose our common vulnerabilities and shared sufferings, will we not, as occasion arises, practice the corporal works of mercy for one another? If we start small, do what we can where we are, will not the circle of our concern expand gracefully and naturally?

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