Monday, April 27, 2015

Gary Haugen: Global Poverty Numbers Down, but Has Poverty Really Decreased?

"Thirty-five years ago, when I would have been graduating from high school, they told us that 40,000 kids every day died because of poverty. That number, today, is now down to 17,000. Way too many, of course, but it does mean that every year, there's eight million kids who don't have to die from poverty. Moreover, the number of people in our world who are living in extreme poverty, which is defined as living off about a dollar and a quarter a day, that has fallen from 50 percent, to only 15 percent. This is massive progress, and this exceeds everybody's expectations about what is possible... 

But here's the part that you might not hear very much about. If you move that poverty mark just up to two dollars a day, it turns out that virtually the same two billion people who were stuck in that harsh poverty when I was in high school, are still stuck there, 35 years later." -Civil Rights Lawyer Gary Haugen, founder of International Justice Mission. He addresses the issue of global poverty in this 22-minute TED Talk on March 19, 2015  (Read the transcript)

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