Thursday, April 23, 2015

A New Place to Pray with Your Feet

The labyrinth is a model or metaphor for life. The Christian life is often described as a pilgrimage or journey with God, a journey in which we can grow closer in relationship with God, and in turn, closer to others. In life, as in the labyrinth, we don’t know where the path will take us. We don’t foresee the twists and turns that the future holds, but we know that the path will eventually arrive at the center, God. Sometimes the path leads inward toward the ultimate goal, only to lead outward again. We meet others along the path—some we meet face-to-face stepping aside to let them pass; some catch up to us and pass us from behind; others we pass along the way. At the center we rest, watch others, pray. Sometimes we stay at the center a long time; other times we leave quickly.  -from Labyrinth: The Walking Prayer, Rev. Lana Miller, Campus Pastor, Eastern Mennonite University
  St. Paul Lutheran Church dedicates its new labyrinth and garden  (Photo: Anne Morawski)
On Sunday, April 19, St. Paul Lutheran Church dedicated its new labyrinth and garden, available for anyone in the community to use. This spot offers an opportunity for individuals who work or live near the university to spend a few quiet moments praying with their feet. See pictures of the dedication and potluck. Groups are welcome to use the labyrinth but must fill out a building use form and call (505) 242-55942 or send an e-mail ( to schedule.

CAC labyrinth
Labyrinth walks are a different form of contemplative prayer. Rather than sitting still, we are moving in a steady and deliberate manner while connecting with our Creator. Labyrinths can also be used to symbolize the connection between action and prayer. During their spring picnic in 2013, parishioners at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Jackson, Mississippi, created a unique labyrinth out of canned goods collected for their local food pantry.

The new site at St. Paul Lutheran Church is just one of many places in the Albuquerque area where we can practice labyrinth prayer. I have walked labyrinths at New Life Presbyterian Church in the Far Northeast Heights and the Labyrinth of the Dancing Christ at The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) in the South Valley.

In Albuquerque, there are also labyrinths at the Cannossian Spirituality Center, the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living, St. Chad's Episcopal Church and many other locations. See full list of labyrinths in Albuquerque and elsewhere in New Mexico.

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