Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Swedish Soccer Player Seeks to Raise Awareness about World Hunger

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish soccer star who plays for the French team Paris St. Germain (PSG). You won't remember him from the recent World Cup in Brazil because Sweden just barely missed making the field of 32 countries in the international tournament. Ibrahimovic has a strong opinion on an important topic: World Hunger. And while he was unable to express his thoughts at the marquee event in Brazil last summer, he does have a pretty big stage in France's Ligue 1  Here's what he did in a recent match.

"In the second minute of PSG’s Ligue 1 game with Caen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored an acrobatic kung-fu kick and promptly took his shirt off and showed off a surprising display of tattoos in yet another one of his self-centered yet loveable displays of narcissism," said ProSoccerTalk. "Or, so we thought. Now, Zlatan says the stunt was for more worldly reasons. According to the massive Swede, and supported by a video from the World Food Programme, he put 50 names across his upper body of starving children in temporary tattoos surrounding his already heavy haul of existing ones.

The WFP and Ibrahimovich, in fact, are working very closely to make sure that world hunger does not become a forgotten problem among those of us in the West who live a comfortable existence. This video is a great example of who the WFP and the soccer start have worked together. “Each one of the 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world has a name, a voice, a story to share,” said Marina Catena, WFP Director for France and the Principality of Monaco.”Zlatan accepted the challenge and wished to carry their stories on his own skin so that the world does not forget them.”  

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