Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Team of Albuquerque Surgeons to Serve Guatemalan Patients for a Week in February

Each year, the non-profit Faith In Practice sends more than 1,200 medical professionals and support personnel from across the U.S. to Guatemala to provide short-term surgical, medical and dental services and health-related educational programs to low-income families in the Central American country. The US medical professionals and support personnel pay their own way.  Nearly 750 Guatemalan volunteers work alongside the U.S. visitors. Together, the U.S.-Guatemalan teams provide services to more than 25,000 patients annually.

The programs include a Village Medial Clinic and surgical, dental, women's health (including cervical cancer screening), orthopedics/prostjetics and hearing services.  

Michaela Bruzzeze to serve as chaplain
While the teams are comprised largely of medical professionals, there is need for non-medical volunteers to provide support. This is where my friend Michaela Bruzzeze comes in. She has signed up as the chaplain accompanying  a team of Albuquerque surgeons, led by Peter Driscoll, MD. The group will be traveling to Guatemala on Friday, January 30, and returning on Saturday, February 7.

Click on Michaela's personal page on the Faith in Practice site if you would like to help defray the cost of the trip. Click here to see the many options available to donate to Faith in Practice.

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