Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving: Three Loaves Movement

On Thanksgiving, I would like to share a touching story about giving, posted in the Tree Hugger site by contributor Derek Markham.  Here are some excerpts of  the article entitled "Real Food for Real People."

Here's how you do hunger activism and community-building in an accessible, scalable, social, and fun manner, three loaves of bread at a time. Plus, a tasty bread recipe.

Four years ago, as part of a project to spread as much happiness as possible with just $100 (Yahoo!'s Ripple of Kindness), Jerry James Stone and a few friends spent hours baking a bunch of bread to give to the hungry in San Francisco, which ended up being a rewarding, yet exhausting, experience. That type of event, says Jerry, "was just too hard" for him to regularly repeat, so he's come up with an easier, and more participatory, way to feed the hungry, while also building community.   Here is the full article

Happy Thanksgiving!

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