Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bread for the World Member Rick Steves Would Like to Give You the European Christmas Gift Package

For me, travel can be a political act. After my travels, and after my studies of the issues presented by Bread for the World, I step into a voting booth with the notion that I'm not going to vote for what is good for my short-term financial interest. Instead, I want to vote as a a compassionate Christian, voting for what's important for struggling and desperate people. And I do so with the knowledge that whoever wins this election has a greater impact south of our border than it does on me. That's not noble, that's just enlightened. -an excerpt from an address by Rick Steves to participants in Bread for the World's 2014 National Gathering
Travel writer and television host Rick Steves urges you to donate to the anti-hunger advocacy work of Bread for the World this Christmas season.  Make a donation of $100 or more by Dec. 10 and receive the European Christmas gift package.

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