Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Gift of Written and Spoken Word

"Jesus didn't say, teach them a whole lot of doctrines...He said, teach them to carry out what I commanded you to do.,, feed the hungry, welcome, the stranger, love your enemy, accept the rejects...a whole lot of verbs, not a lot of doctrine,Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Perhaps you've read the words of Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes on this blog or on his own site Unfolding Light.  The pieces we have reprinted here offered a tribute to Nelson Mandela, reflections on the Magnificat, a New Year Blessing, a meditation on the disaster in Fukushima, Japan, and much more. Pastor Garnaas-Holmes is not only gifted with the written word, but also with the spoken word. The New England Conference of the United Methodist Church this year presented him with the Wilbur C. Ziegler Award for Excellence in Preaching. Pastor Garnaas-Holmes, a member of Bread for the World, often incorporates the theme of social justice into his sermons. Here is a video of the award presentation, followed by a spoken reflection.

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