Saturday, January 18, 2014

Documentary 'Food Stamped' to Show at Guild Cinema in Albuquerque on Sunday

Before A Place at the Table made its debut in 2013, there was another documentary that took a serious look at  food stamps and nutrition.  Food Stamped., described as "an informative and humorous documentary film,"  follows a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget. "Through their adventures they consult with members of U.S. Congress, food justice organizations, nutrition experts, and people living on food stamps to take a deep look at America’s broken food system," said the Food Stamped official site.

Food Stamped, produced in 2011, has won acclaim at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival and  the Lighthouse International Film Festival.  The documentary will be shown at The Guild Cinema in Albuquerque on Sunday, January 19, at Noon. The screening, sponsored by Food and Water Watch-New Mexico, is free but seating is limited.

If you can't get to The Guild tomorrow, or if you do not reside in Albuquerque,  the DVD of Food Stamped  is also available for rental on Netflix.

Incidentally, Marion Nestle, one of the experts who appears in A Place at the Table, wholeheartedly endorses the documentary.“Food Stamped is a warm, delightful, and entertaining film with a serious message: it’s really difficult to eat healthfully on food stamp (SNAP) benefits even if you are educated, savvy, live near a decent grocery store or farmers’ market, have plenty of time and energy, and are a great cook," said Nestle, a professor of nutrition and public health at New York University.  "Everyone should see this film, especially those who complain about how low-income people use their benefits.” 

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