Friday, October 18, 2013

Papercrete Blocks, a Solar Water Heater, and a Library for the Residents of Palomas, Mexico

Border Partners produced this solar water heater, a device offering great utility to local residents. Most Palomas citizens do not use gas water heaters due to the utility expenses incurred in their operation
Papercrete blocks were used to construct a library for the residents of Palomas in Chihuahua, Mexico, just across the border from Columbus, New Mexico. The lightweight, highly insulating building materials are produced in Palomas at a very low cost and with recyclable products.

In addition to books, media items and reference materials, what is the next most important thing in a library?  A restroom. The faucets in the sink provide both cold and hot water from a solar heater that uses gray water.

These amazing examples of sustainable development were on display in a recent open house hosted by Border Partners, sponsor of the project. "We were delighted with a turnout that included Mayor Angel Chacon and two of his staff members, Maria Sisneros, an environmental engineer from the US EPA, and Jorge Hernandez from the Border Environment  Cooperation Commission. The Secundaria Principal and teachers brought their students. Two representatives  from the Small Business Development Center at Western New Mexico University as well as many interested adults from both Palomas and Columbus," said Border Partners, which works directly with the Palomas community on several development and education projects.  Read more about sustainable development projects sponsored by Border Partners.


agnisolaarcom said...

Please provide details of solar water heater processing.

Lauren jonczak said...

I just had to get a new water heater. My old one burst and got water all over my basement. I have never heard of a solar powered water heater before. It sounds like a pretty good idea. How does it work. My water heater is in the basement. How is the sun going to get to the water heater. Very interesting idea! Thanks for sharing.

Jason Dew said...

What an amazing project! Not only did you help the locals in Palomas, you also saved precious resources by utilizing local materials for the water heater. And the local library construction will definitely help a lot too! Your missionary work is admirable and deserve the utmost commendation. I salute you!

Jason @ Sunshine Renewables

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