Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Observing World Food Day Locally and Globally

The above banner is one of the images used to promote World Food Day in the United States and Canada.  The campaign in the two North American countries is described with a very simple Twitter hashtag:  #hungerto do more. "Host an awareness dinner in your home, donate to a local food bank, or join our social media campaign – the options to take action on World Food Day are truly endless," say the organizers.

There are, in fact, several local actions available to folks in New Mexico. Learn More about the U.S.-Canada campaign.  One is a community dinner sponsored by New Mexico Oxfam Action Corps this Saturday.  New Mexico Oxfam Action Corps is also encouraging patronage of restaurants that are promoting Oxfam World Food Day materials. To honor one of those restaurants, they are gathering this evening at Farina Pizzeria, 5:30-7:30.  You are encouraged to patronize the other participating restaurants: Artichoke Cafe, Flying Star, Green House Bistro, Jennifer James 101, Joes Dining, Marcellos Chop House, Rasoi, Revolution Bakery, Savoy,Slate Street Cafe,Slate at the Museum (Museum of Art and History),Thai Cuisine II, andYanni's Lemoni Lounge

Edible Santa Fe Campaign
Today is the actual date when World Food Day is observed. But Edible Santa Fe (actually Edible Santa Fe-Albuquerque-Taos) is promoting the Eat Drink Local Challenge throughout the month.

"Have you ever considered trying to source all your food from 100 miles or less? Our day-to-day diets involve dozens of ingredients that travel thousands of miles from their fields before they make their way to our plates. During the month of October we ask our readers and others to pledge to consider where their food comes from, and when possible, choose local ingredients grown in ways that support local community, environment, and economy," says the organization. Click here  to learn more about the campaign

FAO's Global World Food Day Campaign
Design by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser
While the local actions and perspective are an important part of the big picture, it's even more important to realize that we are part of the global community, and that our actions have an impact around the world. Hence, we also want to highlight the Food and Agriculture Organization's World Food Day campaign for the rest of the world. The international campaign is entitled “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition." This is how the FAO describes this year's theme.

Today almost 842 million people worldwide are chronically undernourished. Unsustainable models of development are degrading the natural environment, threatening ecosystems and biodiversity that will be needed for our future food supply.

Every aspect of the food system has an effect on the final availability and accessibility of diverse, nutritious foods – and therefore on consumers’ ability to choose healthy diets. What is more, policies and interventions on food systems are rarely designed with nutrition as their primary objective.

Addressing malnutrition requires integrated action and complementary interventions in agriculture and the food system, in natural resource management, in public health and education, and in broader policy domains.
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