Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Joy and Hunger Action Month

Joy manages a cash register at one of the Sprouts grocery stores in Albuquerque.  In addition to scanning bar codes and weighing produce and taking payment from customers, she has another very important task during September: convince clients to spend an additional few dollars to donate to Roadrunner Food Bank.  September, after all, is Feeding America's Hunger Action Month, and Sprouts is among the grocery stores that have committed to support this campaign.

So as I stand in line, I see Joy making her pitch to the person before me. "For every dollar you donate to Roadrunner Food Bank, five people will be fed," she tells the customer. But this is not just an obligatory pitch on behalf of her employer. She smiles when she speaks to the customer. And the Sprouts client, without hesitation says, I'll give $5.00.  Joy responds by raising her right hand in the air and making an enthusiastic cheering gesture.  "Yes!" she says, with a wide grin and a look of satisfaction on her face. That means food for 25 people.

So as I come up to the counter I engage her in conversation.  I tell her how I admire her enthusiasm and the sincerity in which she makes her pitch.  She replies that she really believes in helping people.  "Even when I was unemployed, I gave money for this cause," she tells me.

I  explain how my volunteer work relates to anti-hunger activities. "I am an anti-hunger advocate," I tell Joy.  "I too am an anti-hunger advocate," she replies.   

Anti-hunger advocate Joy made my day, but she also made the day for dozens of other people.  She estimated that 85% of those she asks give at least $1.

You too can participate in Hunger Action Month.  You can begin by downloading Roadrunner Food Bank’s 30 Ways in 30 Days Calendar to take action daily. (The calendar is pictured above).

Here are a few other actions recommended by Roadrunner Food Bank.
  • GO ORANGE! Join us during Hunger Action Day and wear orange on Thursday, September 5. That's tomorrow! Take a photo and share your orange on Roadrunner Food Bank's  social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog
  • Use Feeding America’s digital app for ways to help spread the word and join us in participating in Hunger Action Month.
  • GO ORANGE DIGITALLY by changing your social media sites and website to orange.ite for links.
  • Visit the Feeding America Hunger Action Month site for more ideas to take action.
  • Give! Learn about Roadrunner Food Bank's Giving Societies.
  • Meet Hungry Kate and share her 2 minute video with those you know

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