Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thinking About a Christmas Card in August

What is the first thing that comes to mind on hot summer afternoon in August? Lemonade. Baseball (or perhaps preseason football). The swimming pool. The start of the fall semester. Christmas cards????  That's right. Christmas cards. This is the time when Bread for the World reveals the image that will be used for this year's Christmas card.   And without much fanfare, I present you with that image.

This image was one of three choices available on the Bread blog for voters to choose.  The winning image,which brings to mind the shepherds who first heard the good news of Jesus’ birth. received an overwhelming 59 percent of the vote.

Christmas cards are important to the outreach efforts of of Bread for the World,  When you send Bread for the World cards, your family and friends learn about our vital work to foster hope and opportunity for hungry and poor people," said the organization.
So now that you know about this year's Christmas card, you can pre-order one or two or three sets via Bread for the World's online store. You also have the choice of ordering cards from recent years.

And after you place your order, you can go back to your late-summer activities.

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