Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lady Coffee Promotes Fair Trade in Her New Autobiography

The "real" authors: Hank Bruce and Tomi Jill Folk
Perhaps the first autobiography by a plant, dictated by Ms. Coffea Arabica, aka Lady Coffee, this story presents the wit and wisdom of a lovable yet sassy tree. She traces the connections intertwining between people and coffee throughout history, from prehistoric poker games to go-carts on Mars. Come along on this journey and discover Lady Coffee's deep family roots. Learn how her cunning ancestors convinced humans to transport their seeds throughout the world. -Description in Amazon.com

By Hank Bruce
Lady Coffee's primary reason for being the first plant to ever write a book was to be a voice for fair trade and help define what this means to the everyday consumer of not only coffee, but chocolate and so many of the other foods and products we consume on a regular basis.

She chose to use a light and unique style as the spokesplant for the Kingdom of Plants and the Coffee Empire. She discusses briefly what fair trade and sustainability really mean to the plants and people, the families and communities planting, nurturing and harvesting what we find on the store shelves and coffeehouse counters. Soon her facebook page will be in place and she will in the near future have a blog as well. her hope is to engage the literate public in sharing thoughts, ideas and solutions. She is firmly convinced that the Coffee-Human Connection is a gentle force for reason and is now recruiting Theo Broma, our resident chocolate tree, in her efforts. Theo has already begun gathering notes for Chocolate and the Garden of Delights. It is dangerous having these two living in the same study, surrounded by moringa seedlings.

Lady Coffee insists that fair trade isn't about money, it is about people, the environment, sustainability, empowerment, health and education. She considers herself "Coffee with a conscience" and insists that coffee has spent thousands of years enlightening, inspiring and domesticating humanity partly because she knows that humans too have a conscience, and can be inspired to use it.

Chapters include Coffee from Africa to the Moon, Rituals and Ceremonies, A Coffee Theme Park, Coffee and Your Health, Growing a Coffee Companion, Coffee Quotes and  many more topics such as Our Future Together, Promoting Fair Trade and Sustainability.

(Husband and wife team Hank Bruce and Tomi Jill Folk are anti-hunger and strong pro-fair trade and pro-gardening advocates. The two residents of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, are strong supporters of Bread for the World).

You can order Lady Coffee's Autobiography on Amazon, $9.00 for the paperback edition and $2.99 on kindle.

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