Saturday, May 11, 2013

On Mother's Day, Amy Brenneman Promotes the Work of CARE

In December 2012, actress Amy Brenneman traveled to Peru with her family to visit the women and families benefitting from CARE's maternal and child health and child nutrition programs. She wrote about her experiences in Notes from the Field | My visit with CARE Peru Part 2: Guayacondo

Ms. Brenneman, who is known for her prominent roles in the television series' Judging Amy and The Practice, also spoke about her experiences in CARE USA's promo for Mother's Day.

Like you, I'm a CARE supporter. I'm also a mom – which explains why I'm writing you today, just a few days before Mother's Day. You see, you, me, and hundreds of CARE staff are helping moms halfway across the world in ways you probably don't even realize. In December, my two kids and I got to see this work in action. We were well off the beaten path in Peru, visiting women and families involved in CARE's maternal and child health and child nutrition programs.

In one of the villages we visited, I saw the value of CARE's work in stark relief. A chart on the wall of the center showed the community's status from years ago, when many children were malnourished (indicated by an ominous red marker). Next to it was the community's status today: virtually none of the children are malnourished.   See full message

And here is a similar message  through a video from CARE Perú

La actriz Amy Brenneman, conocida por su rol protagónico en la serie de ABC, Private Practice, visitó programas de desarrollo de CARE Perú en su paso por el país. En el vídeo nos cuenta parte de su experiencia. CARE es una Organización mundial de desarrollo con presencia en más de 80 países. En Perú, trabaja hace 42 años a nivel nacional con 10 programas que apuntan a superar las causas de la pobreza.

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