Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Edward James Olmos Promotes Casa de Corazón Project in Albuquerque's South Valley

Edward James Olmos and others talk about the Casa de Corazón complex that Catholic Charities has planned for the Albuquerque South Valley. "We have set a goal in April to have over 100,000 views of our new video," says Kathy Freeze, Parish & Faith Community Outreach Liaison, at the Catholic Charities Center for Community Involvement.  So please take a couple of minutes to view this beautiful video and then ask your family and friends to do the same.  The video is embedded below, but please view the original video on YouTube to help boost the number of views.

Here is more information from Catholic Charities.

"The reality is that each day, more and more people in our community are faced with economic uncertainty and long-term unemployment and are looking to Catholic Charities for assistance. They are the poor and marginalized. A staggering statistic is that 18.1% of New Mexico’s children live in poverty. Global economic and social injustices are driving record numbers of desperate refugees and immigrants into our state. While federal and state funding continues to decline, the need for services provided by Catholic Charities is growing exponentially. More than ever before, Catholic Charities needs your help. 

"In response to the increased need for our services, we have embarked on one of our greatest endeavors to date—the construction of Catholic Charities’ community service center known as Casa de Corazon. This project, in the heart of Albuquerque’s South Valley, will also allow Catholic Charities to create a single campus where essential services and programs can be distributed to more than 12,000 individuals who seek assistance each year."

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