Friday, January 11, 2013

Join 25,000 Voices Urging the 113th Congress to Preserve Poverty-Focused Foreign Assistance

The ONE Campaign has put together a clever "Man on the Street" video to keep the issue of poverty focused foreign assistance before the newly installed Congress. "There are a lot of misperceptions about foreign assistance -- but as you'll see, when Americans know the facts, skepticism turns to support," said ONE, in describing the video.

Anti-poverty advocates are urged to send  the video to their senators and representatives (The goal is 25,000 individuals in the U.S.)  to Congress urging our senators and represenatives not to cut vital assistance for agricutlure, AIDS and other vital programs.

Here is the message to Congress:

When asked to guess, Americans respond, on average, that foreign assistance amounts to 12% of the federal budget. Some even say 20% or 50%! You and I both know that it's actually less than 1%. That small percentage helps put 8 million people on AIDS medication and has helped to lift 1 billion people out of poverty. It also sends a message about American values and leadership in the world. ONE's 'Man on the Street' video illustrates the transformative effect this information has on the average American, and I want to share it with you.

When given the facts about foreign assistance, those same American taxpayers become supporters of foreign assistance - they understand that it's a relatively small investment, and it does a world of good.

Check out the video sent to representatives and senators from Western states.

So what can you do?  Send an letter online to your two senators and your representative by clicking on this link  

You might be interested in the videos that were created for anti-poverty advocates in Eastern, Southern and Midwestern states to send to their senators and representatives. 

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