Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sojourners: Top Five Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

The Sojourners God's Politics blog  offers us  a great piece entitled  The Top 5 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Here is how the piece, written and edited by Sandi Villarreal, is introduced:
Have you burned out on fiscal cliff debate yet? Depressed that our Congress has still failed to renew the incredibly noncontroversial Violence Against Women Act? Well, while Sojourners cares deeply about both of the issues, we’re also very ready to celebrate this season of Advent, our Savior’s birth, and all of the family time and Christmas cookies that come with it.
This is a great read!  Enjoy the five ways to get into Christmas Spirit!

1.  What Are You Singing: Putting Christmas Carols in Perspective
2.  Be Kind, Rewind.  10 Best Spiritual TV Series to Gift This Christmas
Some might surprise you.  (Hint: Remember the TV Show Northern Exposure?)
Except, like, not really, right? While Fox News pundits love to resurrect the fight every year — and Jon Stewart loves to make fun of them for it — as Christians, we know the kingdom of our God is not dependent on government-funded nativity scenes. And as you trip over tinsel on the way to feed Christmas-based consumerism, check out these thoughtful pieces.
4 Advent Reflections
  Lisa Sharon Harper and Rev. Beau Underwood. Take a break from the craziness of the season to reflect and rejoice.
5.   Christmas Music That Isn’t Horrible
Here's one example:
For the past few years, a group of friends also known as The Reindeer Tribe have holed up for a weekend and recorded their favorite holidays songs live to analog tape. This year’s results, The Last Days of the Year, is a collection of intimate, mostly original Christmas songs blending a variety of instruments into a folky Conor Oberst-esque set of songs that occasionally ventures into the land of garage rock.

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