Saturday, December 01, 2012

On World AIDS Day, the Goal is to "Get to Zero"

On the top of its World AIDS Day Web site, the United Nations has a very clear message.  The goal of the ongoing efforts to combat HIV/AIDS is to Get to Zero.

As we observe World AIDS Day today, Dec. 1, there is good news.  A new World AIDS Day report:, Results, by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), shows that unprecedented acceleration in the AIDS response is producing results for people.

Here are some milestones from the UN site.
Declining new HIV infections in children The area where perhaps most progress is being made is in reducing new HIV infections in children.

Half of the global reductions in new HIV infections in the last two years have been among newborn children.

Fewer AIDS-related deaths
The report shows that antiretroviral therapy has emerged as a powerful force for saving lives. In the last 24 months the number of people accessing treatment has increased by 63% globally.

More investments
The report shows that countries are increasing investments in the AIDS response despite a difficult economic climate. The global gap in resources needed annually by 2015 is now at 30%. In 2011, US$ 16.8 billion was available and the need for 2015 is between US$ 22-24 billion.

U.S.  Government Site
The U.S. government has also created a site to observe World AIDS Day, including a proclamation,a statement by President Barack Obama and information on the National HIV/AIDS strategy. There is also an update on the impact of President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), a program created under ex-President George W. Bush.   And if you want to get involved, there is an opportunity to join  the 2012 Facing AIDS campaign.

Two Great Op-Ed Pieces
Finally, I would like to point to a couple of great pieces about World AIDS Day.
In The Huffington Post, contributor Michael Seo writes about how creative investments can make a big difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Read. The 25th Anniversary of World AIDS Day: How Water Filters and Bed Nets Can Help Fight HIV.

And check out this opinion piece posted in the Nashville newspaper The Tennessean by RESULTS advocates about the impact of PEPFAR and the importance of preventing transmission.  The article is entitled  Let's help prevent HIV transmission.

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