Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Josette Sheeran Offers Strategy for Ending Hunger Now

Stephen Groth, a Bread for the World member from New York, wanted to share this great video with comments from Josette Sheeran, former executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme.
In 20 minutes, Josette Sheeran describes the close up and effective measures instituted to help people, especially children, who would otherwise be hungry get some food. She describes simple innovative measures that help communities become self sufficient and secure in their food resources.

She concludes by saying that we may look back in 50 years and view hunger of today as we now view small pox. Now we can say that there used to be a time when people got small pox. Then we will say that there used to be a time when people starved. Having reviewed the work of the World Food Program, I believe her. What a message of hope!

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