Saturday, December 08, 2012

A Goat for Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, you can give your love a partridge in a pear tree... or you can give a goat to a needy family...

How about two chicks (not quite-a-laying) on the second day of Christmas?

Bad puns aside, the goats and the chicks are available via the Church World Service and the Heifer International gift catalogs.. (And Heifer also offers water buffaloes and sheep and CWS provides you the opportunity to give a well).

And you don't even have to wrap them,  They won't be going to any of your loved ones, but you will be giving them on behalf of them.  (But you're welcome to wrap the gift card that informs your loved ones of your donation on their behalf).

There.  That solves a Christmas shopping dilemma.
Here is a nice video from CWS telling you more about its gift catalog.

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