Friday, November 16, 2012

What Will it Take to End World Poverty? Bono and World Bank President Discuss this Theme

ONE Co-founder Bono and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim drew in hundreds of World Bank and ONE staffers, civil society and media to the Bank’s Washington, D.C. headquarters this week for a discussion on how to end world poverty.  Below is a 55-minute video containing an interview with Bono and Yong King.  (Also check out the video of Bono's speech at Georgetown University this week).  A couple of excerpts from the World Bank session follow the video.

As we go into 2015 and the close of the Millennium Development Goals, it turns out that halving extreme poverty is happening.  And it's happening faster than anyone predicted. And it's not all India and China. There are a dozen countries in Africa that are moving across that line. It may be possible...The launch of the next Millennium Goals 2.0...Instead of this rather half-hearted idea of what did you do with your life?  I committed my life to halve extreme poverty, which is pragmatic but dull. We might actually get to a case [so that] somewhere between 2025 and 2030 where that might actually mean something. And that would be as you Americans say would be Awesome! -Bono

The key in terms of setting a poverty target is that it has to inspire, it has to change the way we work, it has to change the way we feel about our work.  It's not about launching a t-shirt or an idea. It's about trying to garner the forces. We still have more than three years left on the MDGs. And we can do a lot better. As we think about setting a target for poverty, what we're looking is finding ways at is setting a target so that it dramatically changes the way we work. We work faster, we got pace, we've got rhythm in attacking the problem. And we have to make sure that happens.  -Jim Yong Kim

If you want to know what will turbo-charge the fight against poverty, it's open data, transparency.  I think you need to boost your boost. -Bono

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